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Candy Crush Saga is a delicious puzzle game with a social element, where you'll have to connect different colored candies linking chains of them together to make them disappear, while also ranking up through at least 000 levels that you find along the way on your sugared adventure.

Gameplay in Candy Crush Saga is super easy to learn, but quite complicated to master. For this reason, this game is sure to be loved by little ones who'll enjoy watching the colored graphics and simple movements on your screen; as well as by adults, who'll find that the real challenge goes way beyond just linking up the right candies.

Candy Crush Saga offers different game modes. Among them, the major stand out feature is that this game offers over a hundred different levels, in which you'll have to fulfill a series of objectives in order to move along. Nevertheless, the Jelly, Ingredients, or Candy Order modes also provide a hearty serving of good times and fun.

Two important features in Candy Crush Saga are the games bright and colorful visuals; as well as its social element, allowing you to compete against your friends on Facebook and see how they are doing.

Candy Crush Saga is definitely one today's hottest titles for Android.
By Erika Okumura

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